Welcome to My Hometown

My name is Brooke Lockhart and I’m a Girl Scout. I’m also a 4-H member, lifeguard, High School student, 4-H ambassador, National Honor Society member, competitive swimmer, 4-H junior leader, and an older sibling. I have grown up in Goodland from age three. I have been in the Girl Scouts for 12 years and this kiosk and tour are my Girl Scout Gold Award project.

The gold award is the highest honor available to Girl Scouts. The award is given to outstanding, sustainable community service projects. The goal of this project is to spark an interest in local history in the hopes that visitors will take this interest back to their own hometowns. I began this project in Summer 2011 and completed the project in Winter 2012. I collaborated with the City of Goodland and the Goodland Rotary Club to bring this kiosk and website to you. I must thank the following groups for supporting the goal of this project:

  • Goodland Rotary Club
  • City of Goodland
  • Girl Scout Leader Lisa Lockhart
  • Mentor Karen Anderson
  • Mentor Michael Solomon
  • P.E.O. Chapter I.D.