Goodland Rotary Club – Big Supporters

The SeeGoodland! Kiosk is sponsored by the Goodland Rotary Club, a humanitarian organization invested in community service.

Rotary International is the world’s first service club.  It was founded in Chicago, Illinois on February 23, 1905.  Since then, local Rotary Clubs have done innumerable service projects and performed vital humanitarian efforts in their local communities and throughout the world.

The Goodland Rotary Club has supported the Big Easel through a series of projects. In 2004, the Goodland Rotary Club used Club funds to illuminate the painting at night. In 2005, each Rotary Club was asked to carry out a special Centennial Project in celebration of Rotary’s 100 years of service. The Goodland Rotary Club chose for their Centennial Project to develop a series of walkways around the giant Van Gogh reproduction painting that stands before you. 

The Goodland Rotary Club laid a total of 1,536 feet of paving bricks, consisting of 384 linear feet of walkway, 648 square feet of brick between the legs of the giant easel and utilized approximately 9,100 paving bricks.

These paving bricks were reclaimed from the renovation of Goodland city streets and were manufactured and originally laid in the mid 1920’s.  These paving bricks have seen many changes and carried many happy visitors thru our wonderful little town on the prairie and they now add a touch of authenticity and historical perspective to this oasis.

In 2012, the Goodland Rotary Club invested funds to install the SeeGoodland! Kiosk at the base of the Big Easel as a means of orienting visitors to our community, avail them of our services, and encourage exploration.

Please enjoy your time here and take in the beautiful creation that stands before you.  Enjoy the natural beauty of the prairie and consider Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” and consider how good people, even in small towns, can provide service to others throughout the world and make the world a better place.

To find out more about Rotary, go online:

To meet and visit with a local Rotarian, stop by at their weekly luncheon: Friday at Noon (MT) at the Northwest Kansas Technical College Cafeteria.